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The quality of FM Group Products

The FM Group perfumes generally are in stronger concentrations meaning ladies perfumes are 20% concentration and the men’s have 16% concentration, setting them apart from the departmental stores ranges which commonly has 8-1% Eau de perfume and 4-6% for Eau de toilettes and they make up the remainder with alcohol. The higher concentrations of pure essence in the FM perfumes and fragrances generally means that they will stay longer on your skin than the latter.

There is now more than 200 different fragrances available from the FM group range, making it easy for you to find favorite fragrances for you, family and friends.

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Meet the new cosmetic line that is based on the natural ingredients enriched with extracts and vegetable oils, which give the skin a beautiful, natural glow and perfect protection. Discover the new shades beauty!

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FM GROUP FOR HOME products have been formulated to ensure your home receives proper care, attention and hygiene – and you can be sure of their high quality by trying them yourself. The excellent FM GROUP FOR HOME formulations are unique and complement their specially created, ergonomically designed, bottles. Moreover, we ensured that all items that have the FM GROUP FOR HOME trademark are environment friendly.

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background_night_creamGOLD SERIES

Mature skin over the age of 40 begins to require much more attention and care. With age its structure weakens and reduced production of lipids results in rapid water loss. The skin becomes thinner, more sensitive to external factors and dehydrated. Degeneration of collagen fibres, responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin, causes wrinkles and discolourations to appear. Wrinkles become deeper, facial contour becomes less defined and needs remodeling. On-line Catalog>>>



Presentation for FM GROUP Make UP products