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In 2004 FM launched an exclusive range of fragrances and toiletries. This young and exciting company has behind it a wealth of experience in perfume creation, marketing and direct sales and has in a short amount of time already expanded into more than 50 countries.  Today the product range has expanded to also include Professional quality Makeup and Home products.

Based on the simple idea of high quality fragrances at affordable prices FM GROUP has attracted thousands of men and women to the business who wish to earn money by showing the products to family, friends, colleagues, in fact, everyone they know!

FM offers you the opportunity to develop your own team of distributors and receive an additional income from the sales they make both locally and around the world!

The great news is that if you wish to develop a team of distributors with FM GROUP WORLD you can sponsor people anywhere in the World. They will be supported by the nearest country office and they will still be part of your team! So if you have family, friends or contacts around the World they could all help you to grow.

FM GROUP World is a partnership between Perfand and Drom Fragrances International.

Perfand was established in 1995 and manufactures Parfum, Eau de Parfum, and Eau de Toilette. While the company initially served only the European market it has since expanded to the rest of the world through the FM GROUP distribution network.

Perfand products are based on the fragrance compositions created by the internationally renowned and respected German company DROM Fragrances International.

Drom traces its history back to 1911 and is considered one of the premier fragrance producers and is currently ranked 8th in the world. The company has headquarters in Munich Germany and Creative Centers in New York, Paris and Brazil. DROM owes its success to the high standard of its processes used in manufacturing fragrance extracts. Perfand is the largest customer of Drom fragrance extracts within the European market.

DROM has developed the Pureganic® process which deliver purest nature in a new version that’s both pioneering and revolutionary. Drom fragrances is leading the way to innovative and unique fragrance experiences from 100% pure essential oils.

Only perfume plants are used that are cultivated and harvested with immense care and in accordance with strict ecological guidelines. With this controlled cultivation, free from pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, the partners of drom fragrances were granted the “For Organically Produced Food” certificate, which is only issued for compliance with the especially stringent guidelines of the United States Department of Agriculture.